Welcome to my website. My name is Giawa and I enjoy writing code. I am an electrical engineer by trade, but I spend my nights and spare time working on (and teaching) code. My passion is really in teaching people how to do neat things with code, and I like to share my projects as I work on them. This is my first time trying to write a large-ish project from scratch completely online. I’m going to take screenshots, journal entries, blog entries, videos and more, all documenting my work on a Voxel Engine.

Cube World - A Voxel Game
Cube World, a game that renders its world using a Voxel like style.

The goal is to create a decent Voxel game that incorporates elements of Harvest Moon with other RPGs such as Secret of Mana and Zelda. I would like the emphasis to be on character development and farming, and have interesting procedurally generated stories, quests, environments and characters. I have some friends helping me out, but the whole process is going to be documented here. Let’s make a game!

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    1. You need to find a .obj file to import. I was using a file I found on the internet, but I wasn’t sure of the licensing requirements, so I didn’t include it in the github repository. You can find .obj files pretty easily via a google search.

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